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Spanning 20+ years, we’ve have gained valuable experience working closely with surveyors, architects and local authorities, on progressively larger and more complex projects in and around Hampstead.

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A little bit of History in Hampstead?

Cultural attractions in the area include the Freud Museum, Keats House, Kenwood House, Fenton House, the Isokon building, Burgh House (which also houses Hampstead Museum), and the Camden Arts Centre. The large Victorian Hampstead Library and Town Hall was recently converted and extended as a creative industries centre.

Building BluePrints has been building quality homes for Hampstead families. We like to think that a major part of our success is thanks to the emphasis we place on caring for our clients. It has resulted in families coming back time after time as well as referring us to friends and family.

We know how important building a new home is, and that’s why one of our main objectives is our unwavering commitment to meeting the ever changing needs of new home buyers, making Building BluePrints a consistent winner of awards for innovative new home designs.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we know it’s all worth the effort when we see your smile the day we hand you the keys to your new Building BluePrints Hampstead home.

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We specialize in converting and renovating all types of property. Our highly skilled building contractors are professional tradesmen with exceptional track records. Learn more about our maintenance and renovation services.

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Basement Waterproofing
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Conservatory Extensions.

Maintenance Works

We offer a full range of building services and cover all aspects of property maintenance. We are based in Hampstead and serve residential and commercial clients in Hampstead and the surrounding areas. We provide free advice on building and planning related issues and would be happy to discuss and inspect your plans prior to submission.

If you are planning to build a new home, or renovate one, it’s very important that you look for a reliable builder who will be able to meet your expectations.
However, with so many service providers out there, choosing the right one can prove to be difficult and challenging.
Fortunately, here are some tips to help you find the best home builders in Hampstead, North London.

1. Do Your Own Research for the Best Builder in Hampstead

It worth your money and time to do your own research about the home builder or building company before hiring their services.
Doing your own homework will enable you to find a service provider that will be able to deliver to your expectations.
Their websites and online reviews can help you get some insight information about the contractor.
Get to know about their background and you can also check some of their references.

2. Reputation

When looking for the best home builder, try to make a list of those with a positive reputation.
It’s therefore a good thing to request for their previous customer referrals when contacting different home building companies.
The best builders will readily hand out their previous testimonials to highlight their services and the high-quality standards they are best known for.

3. Experience

Don’t just look at how long a home builder or building company has been in operation; instead, consider how long their professionals have been working in the construction industry.
If their contractors have many years of combined experience building various types of homes – (including the type of home you seek) – they are probably the best choice for you.
Basically, when it comes to this industry, the contractor’s experience matter a lot.

4. Licenses and Insurance for building in Hampstead

It’s also a good idea to find a home builder that has been legally accredited. In London, the best home construction company must be insured and licensed to work within a certain geographical area. When contacting them ask them to provide you with their license number and insurance (reliability and worker’s compensation) cover. Check what coverage they provide to their clients and if the documents are valid. A good builder should willingly give this information when requested as it boosts their reliability and reputation.

5. Warranties and Service
It’s also very important to ensure that the home builder you hire offers a lengthy and comprehensive warranty. It’s quite possible to find guarantees for more than 10 years on replacements and repairs of most crucial aspects, such as electrical connections, roofing, flooring, and paintwork just to mention a few. Ensure the construction company offers prompt, effective services if something goes wrong. They should also provide accurate and effective advice on how to maintain your home. If a home builder is willing to help you make the most of the structure they construct, this is a good sign.

6. Cost of Service of the Building Service in Hampstead

In London, different home builder charge differently for their services. Its therefore a good thing to set your budget first before starting looking for a contractor. Knowing how much you need to set aside for your construction needs will enable you find an affordable contractor.

Lastly, by considering all these factors, finding the best builder who will help you obtain a custom-made home that looks extremely great is quite easy and possible. In the long term, there are many benefits that come from choosing the best home builders in Hampstead, so choose wisely.